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File Checking checks every one of the thousands of software applications for validity about once per day. This means that you, the shareware user, can get up-to-date information about the software we have to offer before you download it. Here are the items that we check:
1: The file on the internet where all of the most important information is stored so we will know immediately when new updates are out or when situations have changed.
2: The Primary and Secondary (if there is one) Download URL. Our servers automatically check and evaluate the speed and quality of these downloads so that you don't have to waste your time doing it. If a download is unavailable for an extended amount of time, we will remove the listing completely.
3: The Screenshot URL. We don't want to show you a broken link to a screenshot so we test the speed and quality of the screenshot downloads as well.
The ping number listed in the Software's Profile page is actually the amount of time in milliseconds (thousandths of a secondů so 1000 = 1 second) that it took for a message to go from our servers to their server and then back. A smaller number means that it took less time and the Author's server is more responsive.

A good ping time is in the 200-300 range.
A bad ping time is anything over 1000.

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