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The Editor's Choice section of is a spot where the people who maintain and update this site can give their opinions on what's worth while out there in the world of Shareware.

Top Pick - Acrony

Compete online against other players to make the funniest phrase to a given acronym. Then read and vote on the other players' phrases to see who wins. Best of all, you can play for free! Acrony keeps statistics on how well you do and has a full forum, personal message center, chat and many other great features that keep the community lively and interesting.

Get Tiffany
Beware: This is a staggeringly addictive game. Get Tiffany is the crack cocaine of the shareware gaming world.

At first, you might think that the 2D graphics are unimpressive but it has what many huge commercial games out there don't have: CHARISMA. The game itself is simple but the community that has built up around it is more-than worth any shortcomings. Talk to some people, read the forum, play some games or just hang out and chat. It's well worth the 1Mb download and 10 minutes just to check it out.

Note Tab
This is a great utility for the programming type. When you really get down and dirty programming you don't really want anything more than Windows Notepad. NoteTAB incorporates simplicity with window management to give you a much more effective working environment.

This is a really nice FTP program. It looks slick and works like a dream. You can have multiple connections going at the same time and the developers are very active in developing more features for this all the time.

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