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Please read before you submit.

Here at, we only accept software into our website if it has a PAD file located somewhere on the internet. We will not accept your PAD file if it's stored on a "free" webserver like or nor can we upload from your computer. Keep in mind that we will be looking for changes in this file on a regular basis so please keep this PAD file available and with CURRENT INFORMATION. If we cannot spider your PAD file for a certain amount of time (a few weeks) you will be removed from our website.

Also, we ping your download URLs and screenshot about once per day so please make sure you have them stored on a RELIABLE SERVER. We list the ping time from our servers to yours on your profile page and so if you have a server with a slow ping time then less people will download your software.

We STRICTLY adhere to the PAD format so, for example, please do not put more then the allotted chars in the description fields. If you don't edit your PAD file in any other way than using the PADgen editor then you should be fine.

We DO NOT allow the download URL to be a webpage. It must be the URL to the actual download file (.zip, .exe…).

Your software listing will be reviewed within 3-7 days of submission. You will receive a notification email only if you are listed and only to the email you have in your PAD file.


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