Chukchi Kerling (Pocket PC) : Put your brain to work with Chukchi Kerling!
Chukchi Kerling (Pocket PC) 1.05
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Chukchi Kerling - addictive board game with simple rules for Pocket PC.

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Developer: BallShooter Games
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License Type: Shareware ($14.95)
Language: English
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OS: Windows CE - Install and Uninstall.
System Requirements: Pocket PC or Handheld PC. Processors: ARM,X-Scale,MIPS,SH3. WidowsCE 2.00 or higher.

Full Description:
You donâ??t know who the Chukchi are? The Chukchi (singular â?? Chukcha) is the Eskimo brother nation located on the other side of the Bering Straight, living in Siberia. Chukchi Kerling is a fun and challenging game based on the traditions of these people. This board game adaptation for Pocket PC features very simple rules which makes the game that much more exciting and popular. The rules are as follows: Several colored ice cubes are located in the center of the playing field, which looks like an ice rink (nevermind the shape). Outside the playing field, a single row of colored blocks in random order is placed. You can slide these blocks, if there are other ice cubes in their way (inaccessible parts of the playing field are covered with snow) and they will stop, when hitting ice blocks located in the center. When two or more blocks of the same color get side by side, they melt. Clear the playing field and you will win! Sounds simple? It is! But simple does not mean easy, remember that. The number and location of ice cubes placed inside the playing field changes from level to level. Importantly, these blocks hide a pattern beneath that will be revealed as soon as you clear them. Each successful move awards you points, which are accumulated as you progress from level to level. A high score list ones and for all determines who is the best at Chukchi Kerling. The game comes with a fresh original soundtrack and fun little perks. For example, if you are too slow to make a more, Chukcha starts napping. If blocks of different color collide, Chukcha gets disappointed. When blocks disappear, Chukcha gets happy. If this happens again, he gets VERY HAPPY. When this happens again and again, Chukchaâ??s deer comes out to join the party! In short, youâ??ve got to see it. Download Chukchi Kerling now!

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Chukchi Kerling (Pocket PC) - Put your brain to work with Chukchi Kerling!

Keywords: lines, tetris, blockout, curling, pocketpc, windows, classic

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