RollBall : Objects, being reflected from walls, fly...
RollBall 1.00
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It is necessary to catch one objects and to leave from others.

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Developer: Goldy Games
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License Type: Shareware ($19.95)
Language: English
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OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000 - Install and Uninstall.
System Requirements: DirectX 6, Pentium 200

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On a square field objects fly red and green, being reflected from walls. The player operates a blue ball, which goes much more slowly than other objects, but, as against them it is not limited to walls, and, having reached edge, occurs from the opposite side. It is necessary to catch green objects and to not be crossed with red. When all green objects, the player are collected passes to the following level in which the quantity of green and red objects on 1 is more, than on the previous level. If the player has flown on red object, the number of lifes decreases on unit and pass of a level begins all over again. Each caught green object adds 100 points, but on a course of game the quantity of the earned points decreases on 1 with each second. Periodically on a field there are also others objects. - gives additional life, - adds 400 points, - transition to the following level, - speed of movement of all objects (except for the player) is slowed down and other. It is ideal for filling short breaks.

Keywords: action, ball, balls, tetris, arcanoid, arcade, extreme, quickly, shorttime

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