DBDocumentor : Document and report on SQL database structure
DBDocumentor 4.40
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Produce cross referenced and hyperlinked documentation of SQL databases.

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DBDocumentor produces database documentation for the SQL objects in your database project.  The list of SQL objects documented varies with the SQL dialect chosen, and DBDocumentor currently supports; Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and below, Firebird 1.5, and Sybase SQL Anywhere (ASA) 10 and below. Generating reference documentation for a SQL database using DBDocumentor is as simple as selecting the SQL dialect, the object types to include and the source files to process. Within a few minutes DBDocumentor generates a fully cross referenced view of the SQL database, including where data is sourced from and what objects are modifying data in what other objects. The cross referencing extends to procedure and security usage, clearly showing which procedures are used where, and under what security context. These capabilities make DBDocumentor ideal for those wishing to learn the structure of a given database, or simply to document the database for future reference.   Extended capabilities include declarative object grouping, support for DBMS metadata based descriptions like those provided in SQL Server Enterprise Manager or SQL Server Management Studio, SQL dialect specific syntax color coding, control over the documentation of temporary objects and dynamic SQL, and the generation of XML output. All documentation is generated by reading the source SQL batch files and requires no active database connection, or any database connectivity tools. DBDocumentor produced documentation is perfect as printed database application documentation for: - Client documentation for software development consulting projects - Online access for middle tier developers to develop against a documented database interface - Determining the degree of data exposure and risk by specific database functions, procedures and Reporting Services reports - Determining the degree of dynamic SQL used in the database, and what data sources are impacted by the use of dynamic SQL

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DBDocumentor - Document and report on SQL database structure

Keywords: documentation, reports, table, index, stored, procedure, constraint

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