Power Render SDK : Power Render 4 3D SDK
Power Render SDK 4.0
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Power Render 4 is a general purpose SDK for creating 3D multimedia applications

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Developer: Egerter Software
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License Type: Shareware ($289.00)
Language: English
Most Recent File Validation (?): Mon, March 8th, 2004 7:42 PM PST
OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000 - Install and Uninstall.
System Requirements: DirectX 8, 3D card

Full Description:
Power Render 4 is a general purpose SDK for creating 3D multimedia applications and games. It features a high level engine/editor capable of mixing outdoor terrain and indoor BSP levels seamlessly. The trial version comes complete with tools, editor, 3DS MAX 3/4, Character Studio, and LW 6.5 support, lots of examples and sample content. Other features: * Full DirectX 8 support, 3D hardware (HAL) or reference driver * C or C++, using static libraries * Requires Microsoft Visual C/C++ version 5 or 6 * AMD 3D Now Optimized! * Extremely easy API developed over 5 years of actual usage with commercial applications * Not limited to first person indoor type games, use it for anything... games, virtual reality, screensavers, 3D on the web * Both indoor and outdoor rendering, go underground, fully deformable terrain * Online HTML help for all tools and main documentation * 16 or 32 bit color, full screen and windowed rendering * DX8 support : Modify Pixel and Vertex shaders without changing a line of source code. * Z buffering, Stencil Buffering with shadow volumes * Supports full custom software 3D pipeline as well as D3D hardware transformation and lighting pipeline * Use both pipelines in a single frame if needed * Single pass and multipass multitexturing * Dynamic lighting with directional, omni, spot, and lightmaps. * Automatic mipmap generation * Vertex fogging * Environment mapping * Environmental and DOT3 Bump Mapping * Render to textures * Cube mapping * Procedural textures * Compressed textures * Realtime dynamic shadows using projection, shadow volume * Progressive meshes * Quake 3 BSP support with lightmaps, shaders, curves, PVS, and collisions * True Type Font support * And more!

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Power Render SDK - Power Render 4 3D SDK

Keywords: engine, graphics, library, middleware

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